On exit: Gifts and souvenirs: for a new carpet, a proof of purchase; for old items, a certificate from a directorate of a museum is necessary. Exporting antiques from Turkey is forbidden. Valuable personal items can only be taken out of the country providing they have been registered in the owner's passport upon entry, or providing they can show they have been purchased with legally exchanged currency. Minerals may only be exported from the country with a special document obtained from the; MTA (General Directorate of Mining Exploration and Research). Etüdler Dairesi 06520, Ankara Tel: (312) 287 3430 /1622, Fax: (312) 285 42 71
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The history of the city is believed to go back as far as 3,000 BC to the time of the Hurrites the first known civilized race, and the town has seen some twenty-six different civilizations of which the most im¬portant are the Hurrites, Midianites, Aramites, Chaldeans, Assyrians, Urartians, Medes, Persians, Macedonians, Romans, Byzantines, Ab¬basites, Mervanites, Seljuks, Artukids, Akkoyunlus and Ottomans. Until 639 AD the town was known as Amida, or Kara Amid, then it fell to the Islamic Armies and became Diyarbekir and in 1937 this was changedro Diyarbakir. The town in recent years has expandedto the westofthe old walls, and is sustained by farming and light industry. The completion of the GAP Project (South-East Anatolian Project) and the development of irrigation systems will in the next few years help realise the full poten¬tial of this fertile region, and bring to it greater prosperity. Diyarbakir, is one of the large and important city on the easthern Turkey. City Wall the triple black basalt walls which encircle the old town give the city a rather ominous appearance. These ramparts with 16 keeps and five gates, inscriptions and bas-reliefs are among the longest in the world (5.5 km) and represent a superb example of medieval military architecture. The Ulu Mosque built by the Seljuk sultan Melik Shah is notable forits original plan and the utilisation of Byzantine and more ancient architectural materials. The mihrab of the nearby Mesudiye Medrese is made of the local black basalt. The Nebii Mosque represents the typical Ottoman mosque style while the Safa Mosque exhibits Persian influences in its tiled minaret. The third century Aramaic Church of the Virgin Mary (Meryem Ana Kilisesi) which is still in use today makes an interesting visit. The Deliler Han'i (1527) by the Mardin Gates, converted and refurbished into a hotel, recreates the atmosphere of the days when trading caravans stopped in Diyarbakir. Just outside the city walls by the river stands Atatürk's House, now made into a museum. City Walls: The City Walls are hiştorically the most im¬portant thing to see, and theyare very impressive. Viewed from the aif they have the outline of a Kalkan (Turbot), and their length is more than five kilometres which makes them second only in length to the Great Wall of China. The height of the walls is twelve metres and they are between th ree and five metres wide. Fou r main gates, the Dag Kapisi, Yenikapi, Mardin Kapisi and the Urfa Kapısı, pierce the walls and some eighty-two towers and bastions defend them. Some of the towers are unequalled in size anywhere in the World. It is not known when the city was lounded, bın it is known that the walls were widened and restored by the Roman Emperor Constantine in 349 AD, and later rulers made alterations and additions until the walls took their present form. The writer A. Gabriel said that 'the walls of Diyarbakir were themselves a museum of inscription', and those interested will be rewarded by their discoveries, the section of wall between the Mar¬din Kapısı and the IcKale (Inner Castle) is particularly worthwhile. The Ic Kale in the north-east section is the highest point ol the walls and is built on a rocky promontory known as Fis Kayası, this is the site of the earliest known settlement in the city. The view from the Ic Kale across the Dicle River is quite delightful. Three towers are particular interest to the visitor, and these are in easy walking distance ol each other.
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