By Road: Road Network: Turkey has an extensive network of well maintained roads linking towns, cities and popular tourist areas. When arriving from Europe, the Bosphorus crossing to Asia has been greatly facilitated by the completion of the Istanbul by-pass and the two Bosphorus Bridges leading to the Istanbul-Ankara motorway. The E80 and E90 are the two main roads leading to Turkey from its European borders.
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Bolu province is the city where the shades of green and blue embraces each other, sleeping and waking together, where the wind still whispers one of the most dramatic legends at the peaks of the high mountains, where numerous civilizations was founded and developed, leaving plenty of creations and artwork behind. If you want to see the beauties of Bolu, which were kneaded by the nature, mankind and history together and listen to the folk songs of Köroglu which are sang by the mountains, all you need to do is endure a bus journey. Reaching Bolu Province is quite easy, as the city is located nearly at the middle point of the highway, which connects the two major cities, Ankara and Istanbul. Inland, on the Ankara-Istanbul road, Bolu is a important provincial center with an impressive 14th century Ulu Mosque and nearby, modern thermal facilities. The Bolu Archaeology and Ethnography Museum has artifacts from the Hittite, Roman, Byzantine, Seljuk and Ottoman periods. Southwest of Bolu, the popular and comfortable Lake Abant resort is set in lovely alpine surroundings at an altitude of 1,500 meters. Istanbul dwellers often escape to the lake for a weekend of fresh air and exercise. Kartalkaya, in the area’s Koroglu Mountains, is one of Turkey’s major ski resorts. In the summer you can stop for a picnic at Golcuk Lake. The mosques of Bolu province are Büyük Mosque (Yildirim Beyazit Mosque), Kadı Mosque, Sarachane Mosque, Imaret Mosque, Ilica Mosque, Suleyman Pasa Mosque, Yildirim Mosque, Kanuni Mosque, Yukari Tekke Mosque and Eskicaga Yildirim Mosque. The mausoleums of Bolu province are Tokai Hayreddin Mausoleum, Aksemseddin Mausoleum, Omer Sekkin Mausoleum, Asagi Tekke Mausoleum, Ummi Kemal Mausoleum, Kasım Dede Mausoleum and Babahizir Mausoleum.
A visit worth to Yedigoller National Park, Bolu Natural Preserved Areas, Abant Lake Nature Park. Available Bolu Thermal Spring, Babas Thermal Spring, Sarot Thermal Spring, Baglum (Kesenozu) Thermal Spring, Catak Thermal Spring.
Must see Abant Lake, Golcuk Lake, Golkoy Dam Lake, Yenicaga Lake, Karamurat Lake, Cubuk Lake, Suluk Lake, Sunnet Lake, Karagul (Black lake), Akkaya Strait Famous Plateaus & Highlands like Aladag Plateaus, At Plateau, Gerede Plateaus, Kibriscik Plateaus, Mengen Plateaus, Mudurnu Plateaus, Goynok Plateaus, Seben Plateaus, Kizik Plateau. The breathtakingly beautiful Yedi Goller National Park (Seven lakes) lies north of Bolu. Nearby, lake Abant or the Seven Lakes are like scenes from fairy tales. Antone who has seen the Seven Lakes hidden in the large forests, spreading from Bolu towards the Black Sea, can never appreciate any other beauty. He can not even imagine other beauties. The Seven lakes are like an aquarium in between the tall pines of fifty to sixty meters and beech trees, seven colors in seven lakes. Blues, greens that we have never ever seen before. A sweet cool air in the middle of August, nobody knows where it comes; that soothes body and soul. The sound of little water falls falling from rocks caresses your ears. This is the Seven Lakes of the Bolu forests. The town of Mengen has a reputation for its good cooks and holds the annual Mengen Cooking Festival of Chefs in June, featuring traditional Turkish specialities. The sites around Konuralp, the ancient Prusa ad Hypium, continue to yield artifacts from both the Roman and Byzantine periods, which are displayed in the local museum. Among the ruins, the Roman theatre is not to be missed. The lovely beach, comfortable guest houses and hotels at Akcakoca ensure that it remains a popular holiday resort in Black Sea Coast. You can also visit the remains of a Genoese castle set amid hazelnut groves, near the town.
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